Las Vegas Fast Credit Repair Services: Credit Report Issues You Need To Deal With ASAP

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April 29, 2017
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Las Vegas Fast Credit Repair Services: Credit Report Issues You Need To Deal With ASAP

When you have a bad credit, you can always hire a Las Vegas fast credit repair services to help you out. From there, things can get better but knowing more what to do and not might help you avoid getting into a situation you don’t want to be in.

Last Vegas fast credit repair services can help you get rid of negative items on your credit report but you might want to avoid the following red flags that might make lenders raise their brows:

Undischarged Bankruptcy

Since the housing bubble in the early 200s, bankruptcy has been common. While lenders have somehow flexed the rules on this and made loans available to individuals with records of bankruptcies, an undischarged bankruptcy remains a red flag.

These entries are amendable so lenders do not like them. When you’re not sure what to do with undischarged bankruptcies, ask the help of Las Vegas fast credit repair services.

Credit Card Balances

Your credit report shows lenders your current credit debt and your credit limit. It does not reveal if you are paying only the minimum or if you’re paying in full every month. Lenders worry about this as it affects your availability to pay.

Remember to keep your credit debt low. What’s important is to maintain a good credit utilization ratio which shows how much of your credit limit you’re using.

If you notice an error, a credit repair company can help you dispute such negative entries.

Cosigned Loans

When one cosigns a loan, that person is also responsible for it. While it shows that one is trustworthy, it can also scare away lenders because cosigning a loan with another person ups your debt-income ratio. Cosigning also means you have a higher risk that you will not be able to pay them up and for that, they can reject your loan application.

Short Sales

Short selling a property means you avoided getting deep in debt but this is another red flag for lenders because it tells them that you tried to settle an amount way less than what is due. It also implies that you were not able to settle a loan and that you might not be able to pay up if they give you a new loan.

Credit Inquiries

When you apply for loans or credit cards, credit inquiries will be posted on your credit report. This will be removed from your credit report after 24 months.

Having a lot of credit inquiries appearing on your credit report is a red flag to lenders because it shows that you have been trying to apply for several loans at a short period of time. It will give them an impression that you are desperate for cash or you need a large loan way beyond your means.

These are the red flags you need to watch out for. You need to monitor your credit report and if you see errors that must be scrubbed off your credit report, don’t hesitate to contact the major credit bureaus to dispute negative items on your credit report. Things can get a bit complicated so if you find the task to be a bit overwhelming, ask the help of Las Vegas fast credit repair services.

If you are looking for Las Vegas fast credit repair services, tips on how to address credit report issues, and everything credit repair, check out what we have for you at FastCredit.Repair.

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