How Much Do I Need To Pay A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

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July 9, 2017
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How Much Do I Need To Pay A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Getting injured on the job is a hassle for the working class, especially those who earn their paychecks through hard labor. Taking time off to recover can result in losing a significant amount of money, especially when you need to take an extended time off. The best way for workers to get both the resting and recovery time they need without worrying about money matters is through workers’ compensation.

Dealing with a hardheaded employer or a workers’ compensation insurer can get too complicated for the average everyday employee. When the moment comes that you feel like your workers’ compensation claim isn’t being processed, it is time to consult with workers’ compensation lawyer. The first thing on people’s mind is the cost of a worker compensation lawyer. Lawyers are intimidating because most of them come with expensive fees.

Free Consultation

Consultation fees will vary depending on the state you live in, but most workers’ compensation lawyer to offer free consultation. These consultations usually last 30 minutes and your lawyer will assess your case and determine whether you need to hire a lawyer or not. A good and honest attorney will explain the cost of worker compensation lawyer and how they preferred to be paid. Take note that the consultation is the only free aspect of a compensation lawyer. If you decide to hire them you are expected to pay for their services.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Payments

There are two common ways how lawyers bill their clients when they take on a workers’ compensation case: contingency and by the hour.

Contingency Payments

This is the most common payment lawyers offer their clients when they represent them during a workers’ compensation case. Contingency fees mean that a lawyer will represent you and only get paid when they win the case. Most lawyers charge between 10-35% of the settlement awarded to their clients.

The biggest advantage of this payment plan is that you do not pay money upfront. Lawyers are also motivated to win the case because it is only then where they get paid. One disadvantage of this payment method is when cases are easily settled and it feels like your lawyer did not do much work to get their cut of the settlement or award.

By The Hour Payments

This payment form is common for other forms of lawyers, but isn’t that common for workers’ compensation attorneys. Hiring a lawyer who charges by the hour will involve paying a retainer fee upfront. Legal bills will then follow as most by the hour lawyer will also charge for other expenses like filing fees. If you do not win the case your lawyer will still get paid for the services they offered.

When determining if the cost of worker compensation lawyers you will hire is worth it, make sure to discuss details of your case to ensure your lawyer is confident they will win your case. If your lawyer is hesitant or wants to charge by the hour it is a clear indication that your case is hard and will require more time to settle.
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