Hormonal Imbalance: Signs and Symptoms


Many women suffer from hormonal imbalance and not know it. When hormonal imbalance happens, the signals given by our bodies to our brains cause our systems to go out of whack. While the effects might seem small at first, they can drastically affect the way we look, the way we perceive life, and the way we live. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to have yourselves checked for hormonal imbalance before it’s too late. Long-term hormonal imbalance is not just inconvenient. It can affect your psychological and physiological health.

Weight Gain

While it is normal to gain weight with lack of exercise and improper eating habits, at least one out of ten women suffer from uncontrollable weight gain www.ehumanlearning.com because of hormonal imbalance. The most common imbalance is in a hormone called estrogen. Raised levels of estrogen can cause women, especially those who are nearing their menopause, to gain unnecessary weight no matter how they control their diets. The first step to take when you have raised estrogen levels is to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Getting proper sleep, making sure you only take food that’s right for your physical activities, and so on are necessary. If this still does not work, it would be good to have yourself tested for hormonal imbalance so that you can take supplements or synthetic hormone replacements,

Skin breakouts

Have you ever noticed how your skin breaks out before your menstrual cycle? Women with active menstrual cycle may experience regular breakouts because their bodies are experiencing raised or lowered levels of testosterone. However, if you suffer from adult acne and you notice that your breakouts are more severe than most adults, then it is time for you to go for hormonal imbalance testing. You might need to take supplements with synthetic hormones to calm your skin down.

Hair loss

Losing too much hair after pregnancy? This is caused by hormonal imbalance once again. You should certainly see a specialist for hormonal imbalance testing if the hair loss you are experiencing is male pattern. This is a sign that you have lowered or raised levels of testosterone in your body. Hair loss, just like skin breakouts, can lower your self-confidence. It can affect the way you function at work and how you interact with friends and family. If you are suffering from long-term hair loss, then it’s time to have your hormones checked.

Lack of sleep

Insomnia is also one of the surest signs that there is something amiss with your hormones. While there are many factors which can cause insomnia including addiction to their gadgets, one of the silent but strongest insomnia triggers is hormonal imbalance. A sign that you are suffering from insomnia is when you stay in bed trying to sleep for hours, but you only get real sleep after much struggle. This can make you feel dizzy or to lack focus during the day. Lack of sleep can also trigger skin breakouts and weight gain. If you are having a hard time sleeping, you can go to a specialist to have your hormones checked. After taking synthetic hormone pills and making positive changes to your lifestyle, you should be able to get proper sleep.

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