HGH Before and After Photos – Jaw, Face, & Height


Growth hormone in our body play important role because it maintain body in posture and the functioning of brain. When it come with healthy and fit health for long period of time then growth hormone is essential for this growth. As we know pituitary gland secreted the growth hormone but sometime these secretions might not enough for body especially when you are trying to make a specific type of physique. Human growth supplement comes into mind to get desired shape of your body. The effect of growth supplement varies person to person because some external factor it may lifestyle, exercise and diet also. It also can increase HGH baturally.  Lets discuss the before and after effect of growth supplements and injections.

HGH Before and After Pictures:

According to medical treatment this hormone given in from of injection if you have any hormonal deficiency. Deficiency can be misbalance between homepage pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland. But what about those people who takes this HGH hormone without any medical reason. Mostly athletes and anti aging endeavours used this.

Never be easily believe  on photos which shows heavy bulky man in one photo its before and then second photos  a lean, trim and well muscles photos these can be from image bank. It’s not saying that these HGH injection and dietary supplement not work but saying that it does provide many health benefits to individual. This supplement can never be substitute for your exercise.article-0-16CAD1A2000005DC-443_634x443

How to Get HGH?

In market there is number of availability of growth hormone in generic and brand also. It used in children, adolescence if they diagnose as any hormonal deficiency.

Some side effect involve when deficiency of growth hormone in body:

  • In small age means in age of children deficiency of this hormone cause height and weight less than their peer group.
  • In adult age puberty stage not get in time. Metabolism of any adult can also influenced by lack of growth hormone.
  • Bone strength and muscle strength also reduced and individual can be suffer from osteoporosis
  • Stamina and energy of individual totally reduced.
  • Concentration and mental focus loose.

Some Myths about HGH

1st myth people believe that after taking HGH your aging process will be reverse. But till now no evident available to proof this myths. But you can say age related condition with this is really discouraged.

2nd myth about the HGH before and after result it will come to the muscle strength. Main function of growth hormone is cell growth which responsible for muscle strength. Growth hormones stimulate the protein production and enhance the fat burning so insulin and blood sugar level also increase. But one thing determined that HGH injection will not increase your strength but it works on fluid of body and fatigue also. These HGH before and after result should be take when you have any medical solid reason growth hormone deficiency. Otherwise its risk in use.


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