Now a days pharmacies all over the world are trying to milk the trend of getting a fab body in short span with the general public trying to lap up anything that has been put in the market to get toned and ripped physique.

There are newer drugs and medications in the market legal or illegal, with or without prescription consumed without knowing the repercussions that may lead by trying to get the outer appearance but destroying the inner organs and health of the individual without the background check and health guidance from a professional.

Many athletes, professional bodybuilders to celebrities try out drugs from physical enhancement and endurance and latter this trend is followed by many by seeing the results on the favorite personalities.

Testosterone is a widely used male hormone and it is also produced naturally by males for increased libido, for the production of secondary and primary male characteristics and to increase endurance with which increase the muscularity of the body.personaltraining

Knowing HCG

HCG is the human chorionic www.indra-usa.com gonadotropin which helps both males and females; in females for ovulation and males for the production of testosterone. Medically it is injected into the muscle tissue for people who have ovulation problem or low testosterone production. This medication needs a prescription.

With a shot of hCG, The leutenizing hormone in the males does the same work as the HCG and hence it directs the leydig cells in the testicles to produce testosterone.

How it is used

The persons who are consuming HCG should take in HCG a week and be off it for three weeks. This is for the persons who are using testosterone therapy. It is the most used drug for weight loss. The low doses of HCG and control on diet have set to work wonders on many trying to tackle obesity. The use of HCG helps in the male fertility and prevents the shrinkage of testicles.

Why it is necessary to use HCG during testosterone therapy

The important thing to note is the that the brain will signal the hormones into production if there is drop in the secretion of testosterone, since the testosterone is provided from the outside, the brain will not send the signals to the testicles to produce testosterone hence without any function over a period of time the testicles begin to shrink. So the usage of HCG comes into play where it restores the function and size of the testicles.

Bad effects of using testosterone alone

Since it is known to help with the testosterone production, it also helps in the natural production of your own testosterone but this make the body addicted to HCG and it will not recognise the natural LH signals given by the brain to the testicles.

Since we also know that it also helps in ovulation in females, the increased production of testosterone will aromatise it to estrogen and will lead to female characteristics in males so to prevent this another medication is prescribed, a tablet anastrozole.

There is also water retention, impotence, and also fatigue which is why testosterone therapy is not taken alone.


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