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No one starts out in life wanting to become a porn addict. In fact, it is the last thing you thought could possibly happen to you. Life has always been good. You are a popular person in your social group; you have never had trouble getting dates and holding on to a relationship. Until recently, you have always enjoyed a vibrant and healthy sex life. There is absolutely nothing in your experience that suggested you would end up in the position you now find yourself.

You might be surprised to learn how many other porn addicts have a background and circumstances similar to yours. All kinds of people fall into the trap of porn addiction. It is not limited to gender, race, education, or any other socio-economic factor. You may feel reticent to admit the scale and depth of the problem. But admitting that you have a problem is the only means of beating it.

Self-help books, medical therapy, professional counseling—you can turn to these sources for support.

The factors that drove you to your addiction are no doubt complicated. Your addiction may stem from something as simple as loneliness or as complex as the stress and strain of an unsatisfactory life, depression, or traumatic events. Whatever the case, you must act quickly and decisively to do something about your situation. Otherwise, you risk losing the person close to you and the whole life that you have built with them.

Porn addiction can have a range of effects. You may lose interest in real intimacy; you may even become intimate. For sure you will have a constant feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, medical science has advanced considerably in this field. There are many means and methods for weening you off your addiction to porn. To have a proper and long-lasting effect you must also heal your mind and soul.

One of the most important parts of doing so is re-centering your mind. This can be done in many ways. The physician who works with you will give you referrals to meditation and other kinds of spiritual renewal activities.

Getting support from family and friends is important in recovering from porn addiction. Few persons can overcome the many obstacles involved in recovering from porn addiction if they do not have the love and care of those who are closest to them. However, you must also develop inner reserves of energy and fortitude if you are to maintain your sobriety.

Understanding how the whole of your experience—mental, emotional, and physical—works to affect your behavior is an essential part of getting back control of your life. The treatment center you work for should deliver solutions that have been proven to keep individuals who are recovering from porn abuse from relapsing. You should spend your time in treatment learning what really matters to you, and finding out what it takes to live a life that is productive, fulfilling, and completely free of porn addiction. What you need is a total-healing approach; it is the only way you will succeed.

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