Do You Need A New Credit Card? Here Are The Signs To Recognize

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September 25, 2017
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Do You Need A New Credit Card? Here Are The Signs To Recognize

There is always loyalty in every product or service that people cannot do without and this also goes with their favourite credit card providers. Nevertheless, after so many years of being loyal to lending banks, some of them noticed that there appears to be various financial establishments that haven’t been explored yet which makes them want to apply for a credit card and see what’s in store.

But what are the reasons behind this turnaround and what’s with the impact created by other credit card companies that make them more appealing towards old time credit card holders from rival banks? If you are one of the long-time holders of a particular credit card, would you think you might have missed something?

Here are some tell-tale signs that make you recognize the need to apply for another credit card:

Improved Credit

Having had rebuilt your credit makes you want to apply for a credit card other than what you have at hand. A new card enables you to get better terms with lower interest rates, rewards, and no annual fees to think about. Isn’t it time for you to upgrade your card?

No Points in Categories you Spend the Most

Cash back deals are the fad in most credit cards issued today. Imagine not availing 6% cashback on groceries or gas. That’s a lot to lose!

Better Term Offers

With so many offset that go through your mail each day, you would want to try applying for a new one. All you need is to be good at comparing deals and not opting out on what you think is a good deal.

Higher Interest Rates Compared to Others

If you cannot negotiate a lower rate after from your card issuer, you can start moving your balance to another issuer that offers 0% introductory rate and pay off your remaining balance without paying for another interest. Yes, this is possible. There are attractive balance transfer deals online if you know where to look.

Lesser Rewards or No Rewards at All

What your old credit card can offer are deals that have existed at the time of your application. If there is no chance of upgrading their services and offers, then, it’s high time for you to make that switch. Rewards programs are now among the major attractions of newly issued cards and this is what you may want to have.

No Credit Limit Increase

Anybody who has a credit card wants to have an increase in their credit limit. But how can you partake of this perk if you are stuck with a credit card that does not allow you that? There are several credit cards that allow a maximum credit limit that goes for all cardholders irrespective of income level or other factors.

Signup Bonuses

Applying for a new credit card today allows users to get a sign up bonus which is a good thing. You can avail of this offer if you are a new cardholder. Why waste your time if you aren’t getting something back from your issuer?

You Don’t Totally Own the Credit Card

If you have a credit card but don’t really own it; meaning, what you hold is just an extension from that of a sibling or a spouse, then, you should get one for your own. If you stick to the plan of being just an extension cardholder, you will never get a credit history of your own.

Your Credit Card will be Discontinued

If you received news or an email that your credit card is bound to be discontinued by your issuer, waste no time and get yourself another one. There is also a chance that your former issuer will recommend an option of switching to another one but it’s more likely that your eyes will fly to a new company—one that can offer you more establishments where you can get something from.

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