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August 30, 2016
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An In-depth Vicoz Review

There is sketchy content on the functioning systems of Vicoz Global and how it operates the currency outside of the company’s choreographed data on their site. Vicoz Global has been running since 2015, and it’s based in Germany. The firm runs the Vic coins currency as a decentralised site, but they have the exclusive rights to distribution and promotion. For a business that has been in operation for more than one year their reach out and marketing has been largely lacklustre.The firm claims to have a foothold in at least four industries.

Company Statistics.There is the gaming industry, Vic coin-related start-ups, Vic coin exchanges, and investment business, among others. Even then there are no specifics regarding scope, frequency of transactions and depth of reach into the industries.The site runs on an open source code. This is pretty much an industry standard since it was the primary system behind the launch. This gives you the right to study, later or redistribute the software use in the process. The firm is also listed on the global trading platform. Chances are the rates are lower given that the market is now flooded.

Mentions and Reviews. There are over 734 crypto coins in the digital currency market worldwide. Vicoz Global does not get any mention in the top ten peer-review academic papers on digital currency and crypto coins research programs. Neither does its digital currency get any mention in most of the internationally renowned crypto coins reviewers. Even then Vicoz stands to gain from the huge bubble that surrounds the crypto-coin market. It’s a market that is both growing and evolving particularly on issues to do with the security of blockchains and the adoption processes.

New Frontiers. The decision to enter into the start-ups is such an incredible foresight on the part of the directors. However, Vicoz need to do more to be able to tap into this market and establish themselves are credible and progressive players in that industry. In particular, the firm can turn towards cooperation with central and commercial banks especially in the adoption and integration of blockchains by the central banks. Additionally, the firm has to grow towards the Chinese market which holds the largest prospects for crypto-coin trading in the world.

Challenging Realities. The company also faces challenges having come into the market when the market is at the crest, and there seems to be an overcapacity in the industry. The company will need to specialise and innovate into risky but pretty rewarding frontiers in the crypto coin and crypto-coin related sectors of the economy. The crowdfunding instituted by the firm’s CEO will also run into headwinds because of a greater slowdown in crowdfunding for start-ups.

Future Possibilities. Overall the firm will have to be bold and daring if the company is to grow and conquer the market. The fortunes are failing, the industry is saturated, and the integration with other industries are profitable but very erratic. So far the firm hasn’t exhibited the kind of aggressive marketing and ingenuity needed to conquer the market.

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